WM Simplified Program Highlights

The software allows customers to enter PO’s, Receive Product, Put product away, pick product and ship product, using mobile devices in Realtime having total control of your inventory.

  • SAAS Inventory Management
  • Location Based inventory
  • Wireless Barcode Inventory Tracking
  • Real-time Transactions
  • Easy To Use
  • Management Dashboard
  • Achieve 98-100% Inventory Accuracy

An intuitive, user-friendly design concept
A clean, clear
design layout
Lots of functionality for the cost
Mobile device put away to prevent lost inventory

Dashboard Design

The dashboard is the main screen.

On one screen you see your management Metrics Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Utilization Task Completion Information Allows Management to watch Real-Time what the Inventory is Doing


Barcode Receiving | Wireless Put away| Real-time inventory movements | Wireless Picking | Cycle counting

Business Concepts (UnitID)

UnitID is a license plate number that goes on each received inventory. The UnitID is unique and represents the item, the quantity of the item, and other details of the item. Every unit of an Item has a UnitID on it

Simplify Your Warehouse Management with WM-Simplified